At the heart of our program is our Professional Mentoring for Everyone

Mentoring Nigeria supports the community in many innovative ways. Our Professional Mentoring Programmes match undergraduates and postgraduates with experienced professionals to develop their skills, confidence and future employability.

Your developmental journey starts here...

As a mentee on one of our programmes you will be assigned a Professional Mentor who will support, advise and guide you towards personal and professional development. This is a great way to compliment your studies and develop your confidence, employability and professional network.

The scheme outlined below is aimed at second and third year undergraduates who don't get professional insight into industry as part of their course.

We now also offer a mentoring programme for postgraduates. For further information please go to our Mentoring for Postgraduates page.
The Undergraduate Programme:

Our professional mentors come from a variety of backgrounds including business, law, journalism, engineering, mathematics, informatics, music, social sciences and health sciences.

The scheme enables mentors to pass on employability skills and experience. Whilst every effort is made to match you with a mentor from your specific field of study/interest, this is not always guaranteed.

    You must commit to meeting with your mentor at least once a month
    If you are accepted you may only participate in the Mentoring Scheme once.

Benefits of being a mentee:

    Excellent opportunity to develop your confidence and employability skills
    Gain insight to the graduate labour market and clarify your career plans
    Receive one-to-one support and guidance on your CV
    Having someone from your field or related field help you prepare for your interviews
    It is a stepping stone to becoming a highly employable graduate

Application Information:

    Please ensure you carefully read our mentee information sheet and all information on this web page regarding the programme. It is imperative that you understand the nature of the scheme and the commitment required before you begin your application
    All applications must be submitted online via MentorsHub
    Please ensure that you read the information supplied on the front page of the online application form before you proceed
    This is a competitive scheme based on need. Please take time and care to write detailed answers - particularly for your statement of interest. Your answer will assist us in assessing whether this is the right opportunity for you
    You will receive a confirmation email after you submit your application to confirm receipt. All further communication, including confirmation that you have been shortlisted for interview, will take place via email
    If you are shortlisted you will be invited to interview. You must be able to attend an interview and one training session
    The interview will last 15 minutes and is compulsory if you wish to be accepted on to the scheme
    If you are shortlisted you will be asked to log in to MentorsHub to select a timeslot. This will confirm your attendance. More information on the interview booking procedure is provided on the application form
    Interview timeslots are offered strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are invited to interview please choose your time carefully as you will not be able to cancel or swap timeslots once you have booked. You will need to keep track of this appointment through MentorsHub as there will be no further reminders.
    We will also ask you to upload a jpeg file of yourself (passport photo style) when selecting your interview timeslot. Photographs are used by the Professional Mentoring Team as a method of identifying mentee candidates throughout the selection process.

Please note:

The Professional Mentoring team reserve the right to remove students from the process - at any point - if it is assessed that selected participants are not abiding by the etiquette of the scheme and the code of conduct.


The Application forms are all online.

The screening forms are also online

It Pays to mentor and to be mentored

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